Similarly as you pay for architect design, lawyer’s or tax advisers’ services, you pay for our car configuration (specification). Why? Your future car is not just a means of transport, but also an investment that should be returned in the biggest amount possible in future selling. Trust me, I have seen a myriad of bad car configurations (specifications) throughout my professional career and a lot of desperate owners who were

a) unable to sell their car due to no interest or
b) underselling just to get rid of it.

I have sold hundreds of cars, but have not had a single customer that who had returned the car due to dissatisfaction. Surely, there are sales persons who sold far more cars, but my aim has always been to sell without a guilty conscience and to the best of my knowledge, all based on my own practical experience. Never have I had a client who bought a car and then after a month offered it for sale because it did not suit him. Not a single client. And it does not matter whether the car was worth hundreds, or millions.

The aim of V-Cars consulting is not to push you into a deal that suits the salesperson (just to get rid of a car they have), but to direct you to THE car which satisfies your needs. There is a truly large offer in the Czech Republic and I will make sure you buy the best.

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