Helping in choosing a stock used car in the Czech Republic
from 15 000 CZK with VAT

We will choose a car and discuss it. We will go through a condition and tech specifications, discuss individual equipment and focus what you really need in a car and what you do not.

Choosing a car from our offer / a configuration of a new car
from 17 900 CZK with VAT

Apart from offering perfect advertised cars that are recommended-worthy and their buying is a smart move both technic-wise and price-wise, we also offer a guided configuration of a new car with detailed consultation and explanation.

Why paying someone else for picking a car for me, you ask? Purely and simply for many reasons:
  • There is a huge amount of nearly same cars.
  • Usually, they differ just in little things not visible at the first sight.
  • However, these little things may play an essential part for you. Concealing such information and highlighting unnecessary and needles components / equipment is common in sales in Czech Republic. We are convinced you must have encountered such situation. The main aim of sales persons is to sale the car regardless the true conditions. We guarantee this is not going to happen if you choose our company.
  • We will tell you frankly and honestly what we think about the car and then either recommend, or reject it for further inspection.
  • Devote your time to work, family or hobbies. The time you spend in picking the right car may be easily several hours a day and still the outcome is uncertain. Let us do what we love and are very good at.